Black Girls RUN! Local Group Run Agreement - Please Sign



Hi Black Girls RUN! Nation, it’s been a while since we’ve all been together. As the world is figuring out how to come back from the pandemic and more places are going back to in-person workouts we’d like to share some things that every BGR! member will have to follow in order to maintain the health and safety of our communities. There will be things that are very specific to your location and your co-leaders (following local guidelines) will be sharing those when the time comes, but these are directions that will apply to all BGR! Cities.

BGR! group runs will resume July 18th. We will communicate if anything changes before that time.

Please be mindful that some BGR! Ambassadors can still choose to NOT participate and can remain suspended until further notice (until they are comfortable). Please pay attention to the local group leadership for any further direction.


BGR! Member Personal Responsibility
We hold our members responsible for being truthful about your own physical health, including the members in your household that no one has been ill or has had COVID-19 symptoms. If you do not feel well, stay home. If someone in your household does not feel well, stay home. BGR! has a responsibility to keep everyone safe and that starts with your decision to attend a run. Our Ambassadors and run coordinators need everyone’s help to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy.


Be Proactive
Running is a great activity and even more fun when you do it with your BGR! Crew! But, even with running, things happen! Because of these unforeseen issues, we need to be prepared. So, to stay safe, we highly recommend the purchase of a RoadID or having ICE designation on your phone, so IF something does happen on a run, your emergency person can be contacted immediately (along with 9-1-1).

BGR! RoadID Link (on sale for $17.50)

How to Add ICE (In Case of Emergency) on Your Phone:

Personal Contact
I’m sure that many of you are longing for the days where you’ll be able to embrace your friends with a tight hug, high-five, or a fist bump. Unfortunately, there are still many uncertainties that are surrounding COVID-19 so until further notice, please make sure to refrain from engaging in physical contact with your fellow members before, during, and after  a run. Consequently, all runs will be designed to follow this directive (no partner exercises, close encounters, etc.). We know these first group runs will be a lot of excitement, but please remember to practice social distancing and do not exchange items as COVID-19 can live on surfaces (ie phone to take pictures).

Wearing Masks
For those choosing to wear masks or a face covering while running (some locations have masks deemed as mandatory), we encourage you to participate at the level that is comfortable for you but please be aware that the mask can increase the workload and cause unnecessary strain on your body. If you are feeling light-headed, dizzy, or short of breath, please find a safe place to take a seated rest, slow your breathing, and hydrate. As always, locate your run leader and call your local emergency number if you are in need of medical attention. Please at least bring the mask with you and have on your body for quick access when needed.

Social Distancing (6ft+ mandated)
Due to sweating, etc. while running, we highly recommend spacing out greater than 6ft. while running, gathering, taking photos, etc.

Given the current climate of the pandemic and the social unrest, please be mindful of your surroundings when running solo or with a group. We recommend some type of safety alarm, mace, etc. while out running.

Before starting the workout, all members (new and old) will have to sign an online waiver that can be found by visiting this link or in the website top navigation as well as the footer, in the link named “Waiver”. Participation in any official BGR! group run will not be allowed without a signed waiver. The waiver only needs to be signed once.


Have Fun!
We understand that some of these things may not feel like the days of “old” Black Girls RUN!, but the beauty of this community is its willingness to adapt to the circumstances and make the best out of the situation in service of the greater good. We appreciate your help in making the re-opening of Black Girls RUN! as seamless as possible.