If you haven’t met one of BGR!’s Regional Ambassadors, Adrienne White, you need to. She is the epitome of spunk, smarts, enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment. Toni and I met Adrienne back in 2011 when we were mere bloggers and hosting our first event here in Atlanta. We hosted a meet and greet at a local sports bar to socialize and fellowship with our readers before the Georgia-Publix Marathon.

As we walked into the room, my cousin Sonya introduced me to her friend, Adrienne. My initial thoughts as the evening continued were, “Is she always this high energy?” But for anyone who has been around Adrienne, you know that her energy is contagious, and you suddenly fall for her positive vibe and enthusiasm. Adrienne is that kind of personality and more. She is one who knows and understands who she is, what she wants, and is on the path to obtaining it.

When RoC Skincare came to me and asked me who I would nominate for the MORE Magazine’s Women With MORE essay contest, sponsored by RoC, I instantly thought of Adrienne. Why? Because Adrienne White is one who is involved, committed, dedicated, and ambitious in her work, the community, education, and in the causes of women.

Let’s fast forward five years later to when our friendship had grown outside of BGR! One of the things that I admire most about her is her ambition. I could certainly write about Adrienne’s ambition as it pertains to her professional career. She started her career with Coca-Cola as a principle auditor and then progressed to finance manager. Presently, Adrienne is a Financial Service Lead for Coca-Cola. She has been with the company for over six years and has continued to climb the corporate ladder and excel. She is on the path to success. It is her desire and future goal to be in a higher leadership role in the future.

Outside of BGR! I think what sets Adrienne apart as a public servant is her desire to create real change in our community as it pertains to her passions in education, health and wellness, and women's equality. Adrienne is a political force in advocating for women in politics. This isn’t an easy feat in the deeply red-rooted state of Georgia. In her own words, Adrienne writes, “I believe in the political process to effect change.” And she serves as board chairperson of the state's only PAC dedicated to recruiting, training and supporting Democrat women. Politically, she is on the board of the New Leaders Council (NLC) which works to recruit, train and promote the progressive political entrepreneurs of tomorrow by engaging leaders in business and industry who will shape the future tomorrow. In education, she is a former board member of Intown Academy a charter school in Atlanta. As a working woman who is steadfast in her beliefs, she perseveres in serving and continuing to give her time in helping to make life better for others.

Adrienne has also demonstrated this role ambition through her dedication and commitment to Black Girls RUN! Since our first meeting in 2011, Adrienne has been a pivotal player in the launch and growth of our Atlanta group, growing it to over 16,000 plus members. She began her work in the BGR! organization as an Ambassador. In this position, she organized all weekly runs and initiated new women into the group. She now has a new role which allows a greater opportunity in leadership as a Regional Ambassador. She inspires and advises over 40 BGR! Ambassadors in the states of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama, who in turn activate over 20,000 women.

I remember the first Tuesday night run that I was able to attend which Adrienne led as Ambassador. Before us stood a sea of women. Adrienne bounced on top of the raised sidewalk and addressed the women in a loud confident voice. She directed everyone to raise their hand and repeat after her, “I-AM-A-RUNNER!” She belted out over and over until a thunder of voices were resounding in the still wind of the evening. Her words of encouragement to the crowd were the pep talk they needed to tackle their arduous miles. Adrienne continues to instill that same running spirit into new members she meets. She has been committed to helping the movement grow by encouraging members to embrace their inner runner’s spirit – to become the healthiest they can be.

I truly believe that ten years from now, not only the city of Atlanta, but the state of Georgia will be better because Adrienne White’s voice will be heard; and her efforts will be seen. Her ambition to create real change in education, health and wellness, and women’s equality will be heard on a higher platform in our community and state.

Do you know someone that should be honored? The first 300 entrants will receive a bottle of RoC RETINOL CORREXION Deep Wrinkle Serum.

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On the fence about signing up for BGR! All Access? Well, anyone that signs up today (May 29) will be entered to win an amazing giveaway from Skirt Sports.  FIVE of you lucky ducks will receive a running skirt, visor and running socks, a $97 value!
Here's the kicker. EVERYONE that registers for BGR! All Access (or already have) will receive a gift certificate to Skirt Sports for $25. 
And because, it's #FierceFriday, this one's a freebie:  Use the discount code skirtlove15 if you want to run the Louisville, Colorado 13'r (half, 10K or 5K) OR the Virtual 13'r.  The Finisher skirt is adorable.

So, just what is BGR! All Access???

Toni Carey, co-founder of Black Girls RUN!,  explains.

To view the complete program, visit BGR! All Access

Our ambassadors are the heartbeat of the organization and some of the fiercest ladies I know! I wanted to know how they planned to take it up a notch this summer! So, this week I asked them this: 

Are you going hard this summer? I want to know why you are taking your fitness to the next level this summer? Why is now the time? 

What I got back was a page full of inspiration and ideas to get the most unmotivated person thinking about what they want to accomplish this summer! After reading through their comments, I want to hear how YOU are making it a summer to remember! Need a little motivation? Sign up for BGR! All Access to help you stay motivated while getting the VIP treatment with exclusive content, previews and discounts for every aspect of #BGRLife! 




    "Preparing for my first marathon.... In Berlin Germany! I want to be able to have a great race so that I am able enjoy my mini vacation afterwards!!" - Racquel (BGR! Connecticut) 





      "Interesting you used that phrase, my mantra this year has been "Take It To The Next Level", we even had a 3 month event in our group with this focus. Personally I am starting to train for my first marathon, at age 56. This is a fall race, Richmond in November so for the first time I will be training in the heat. Lawd help me." - Mekela (BGR! Morrisville)


















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  "My goal was to be under 200 lbs. by my birthday! I made that goal and completed my first half marathon...and I didn't give it my BEST effort. Oh I ran; I also completed a 100 day Run Streak. But I've no done no strength training and my eating habits are haphazard at best. So's time to focus and get it together! #playtimeisover #bikini2016" - Denice (BGR! Seattle/Tacoma)



   "I am turning 50 fifty in 7 months and I want to be fit and lean. I am always going hard but this summer I am on the route to smash every fear and every limit I had set in my first 49 years. The next 49 years is about limitles and fearless life." - Tanya (BGR! Milwaukee)



    "I will be going hard in order to drop some pounds and tone my bodacious bod to ensure that the sexy is preserved on the BGR! CRUISE." - Jennean (BGR! Long Island)



Leave a comment!


Have you ever been out for a run listening to your haphazardly put together playlist and a slow jam comes on? Or have you needed a little more trap music to get you up and over that proverbial hill? We've all been there and Spotify recently announced a new feature that will keep you focused on your tempo and not on flipping through your playlist. 

Last week, Spotify announced a new feature, Spotify Running, that will use your pace to recommend tracks to match your tempo. But that's not it. Do you want to feel the burn or are you chasing your PR? The music service will also provide different "experiences" based on the type of workout that you want to have curated by various DJ's like Tiesto

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Last, but not, least, Spotify will partner with Nike to better connect Nike+ Run club members to its music starting this summer. 

Sounds like your running just got a little more turnt up! To learn more about Spotify Running at

I can't think of Brooklyn, New York without thinking of three things: Jay-Z, the Beastie Boys and Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby Jr.  Maybe because they all have "Brooklyn" in their respective titles, but mostly because I imagine that if I was ever going to move to New York, I'd want to live in Brooklyn. And since moving to New York wasn't in my near future, I'd have to settle for a weekend and a half marathon in my hypothetical/imaginary New York home.

I'd heard about the Airbnb Brooklyn Half, but it wasn't really on my radar to run this year. That all changed after having dinner with a group of journalist in January. I shared that I had heard good things about the race, but hadn't really thought about making the trip to run it.

Everyone stopped. Their eyes widened and they each, in their own way, told me it was a race I had to run and to register immediately. Like immediately. With the race already sold out, my friends at New Balance did me a solid and hooked me up with an entry. SCORE!

But first, a little about the iconic Airbnb Brooklyn Half:

The first Brooklyn Half took place in 1981, and it’s been on the NYRR annual calendar ever since. In the early years the course started at Coney Island. Peter Ciaccia, NYRR’s incoming president of events and TCS New York City Marathon race director, had the idea of reversing that and treating runners to a spectacular finish on the boardwalk, which became a reality in 2009. A post-race celebration gained momentum, especially in 2013 following the area’s devastation by Hurricane Sandy. This year runners and their loved ones continued the tradition of reuniting at Tom’s Coney Island, Peggy O’Neill’s, Nathan’s, and other iconic Coney Island establishments. (from

Fast forward to last week and I arrive in New York to run not only my first Brooklyn Half, but my first half marathon since 2012. Yes, you heard me, IN OVER TWO YEARS. (But I totally have a great explanation for the hiatus. We'll talk about that in my Fierce & Flawless series starting in a few weeks). 

Like any good race weekend, I started it with a party! I headed over to the New Balance Pre-Race Party at the Brooklyn Bridge Park to pick up my race bib.

Now, the same journalist that insisted I run the Brooklyn Half, told me it's more similar to a huge party, than an actual road race. I assumed they were exaggerating. I'd experienced the ol', "It's like a party" method of convincing before. But when I say this was a party, IT WAS A PARTY. There was a DJ right in the middle of packet pickup (which was also complete with foods trucks, putt-putt golf for the little ones) and there was a huge green space where you could lounge, drink and dance. Alas', I had found my people! Now, THESE were the runners I wanted to hang out with! Maybe, I should move to Brooklyn......

After picking up my race packet, I headed over to New Balance's exclusive pre-race party, also complete with food and literally the sickest DJ I've ever heard. I tried to take a few pix of all the scrumptious nibbles, but I ate it before I had a chance. LOL Funny how that happens.....

Now, let's get down to the nitty gritty. The race. With only a 3.5 hour time limit, it was definitely a fast course. While, we weren't blessed with perfect weather, it was still a great day. Prospect park was a bit hilly, but there were some GREAT declines to coast down. After a loop around Prospect Park, we headed straight down Ocean Parkway to Coney Island (about 5 miles). Crowd support was amazing and my fellow runners were the best! As, always it was a complete Black Girls RUN! takeover! From the race course, to the water stops, we were out in full force.

The finish was just as epic as you rounded the corner onto the boardwalk. And the post-race party was amazing! All in all, I'd it give it a 9.5 ONLY because of the unfavorable weather. Do yourself a favor and register as SOON as 2016 registration opens up. You never know, you might see me there again! 


Over the years I've learned that Black Girls RUN! is more than just a running group and running is more than just accumulating miles and collecting bling. What started as a way to inspire minority women to live an active and healthy lifestyle, has totally transformed the lives of thousands of women across the country and shed light on the obesity epidemic in our community. While, we've had lots of successes, we knew that there was still more to do.

We wanted a way to explore the deeper connection and influence that Black Girls RUN! and running has on our members and ultimately, how we could improve their experience on their journey with us outside of just hitting the pavement.

That's how we came up with Black Girls RUN! All Access. To sum BGR! All Access up, it's all about helping women across the world create a healthy and active lifestyle, while recognizing and celebrating the best parts of ourselves. It's what we like to call the #BGRLife. For us, it's not about the end goal, but about getting through the day-to-day the best we can so that we can experience and fullness of life. It's true. It's about the journey, not the finish line.

Every three months, we will introduce a new BGR! All Access series that will focus on an overall theme. Typically the theme is based on where we, ourselves, are currently at, or what is resonating with our members.

The first BGR! All Access series (BGR! All Access Summer Series) will launch on June 1, but you must register prior to June 1 to get in on the action. Each subsequent will run the way same (ie. Registration will only be available for a limited time, after which the program will run for 3 months). 


Black Girls RUN! All Access Summer Series

June 2015 - August 2015.
Registration is only available May 10, 2015 - June 2015. 

The BGR! All Access Summer Series will include the following:



  • An official BGR! All-Access card with a code that activates your summer series
  • Our favorite REI luggage tag ($5 Value)
  • Our custom BGR! zip-up pouch, perfect for any runner on the go ($20 Value)


  • Exclusive BGR! tank ($30 Value)


  • Your choice between two custom necklaces ($42 Value)
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$10 off one fall BGR! Concierge event ($35 with BGR! All Access, Regularly price: $45)
FREE access to the Fierce & Flawless All-Access Summer Challenge with BGR! Co-Founder, Toni Carey

BGR! Store summer perks 
:::JUNE PROMO::: Order $50 worth of BGR! gear in the National Running Day sale, and get a *Bonus Bondi Band*- for All-Access only

:::July Promo::: 1/2 off one mix tape & free shipping week
:::August Promo::: The All-Access Summer Sidewalk Sale + Fall Preview

    All-Access Race Discounts
    • Exclusive race discounts to some of our favorite road racing events (5% - 20% off race registrations)


    We hope you take advantage of BGR! All Access and can't wait to continue the journey with you!



    By Ashley Hicks @amhicks01

    I’ve learned that when it comes to taking care of yourself in your 30s, outside of diet and exercise, there are few things more important than developing a good skincare routine. Throw in a baby and a few sleepless nights and taking care of your skin becomes an even bigger priority.

    About a month after having Olivia back in February, I decided that there were a few changes that I needed to make to my routine. The lack of sleep paired with work and the demands of having a new baby was taking its toll. My breaking point was one Saturday afternoon at the makeup counter a Dillard’s. As I shopped for new foundation and a lipstick, the sales clerk asked me if I was using an eye cream. I replied no, it had never dawned on me that I needed one. But as I stared at the mirror on the counter, I was in disbelief that I was developing small lines around my eyes and subtle laugh lines. With a warm smile and concern in her voice, the clerk remarked, “you’re too young to have these lines.” I agree.

    So here I am, just a week after celebrating my first mother’s day. I’m sleeping a little more these days, but most importantly, I’ve added some new amazing products to my daily regimen:

    1. Clarisonic: This brush is amazing! I use it every day to wash my face and exfoliate. My husband, Chris actually hip me to this brush and gave it to me as a present.
    1. NEW RoC Smooth Perfexion Instant Line Corrector – I was a little hesistant to add a line corrector to my routine. So far I love it! It smooths the appearance of fine lines and helps hydrate my skin in those areas.

    1. Multi Corrextion 5 IN 1 Restoring Night Cream - This stuff is love in a jar! I have naturally dry skin and this has been the perfect night cream.



    By Toni Carey (@toni_carey)

    It’s not a big island, but it has plenty to offer. I’m talking about Jamaica. Just 146 miles long and 22 miles wide, Jamaica is home to rich history, culture, scenic views and delicious food. Just a few weeks ago, I headed there for the MoBay City Run and instantly fell in love. But, in case you need more reasons to visit, here's what had me at hello. 

    STAY: At Secrets at St. James all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay. The property is absolutely beautiful. Surrounded by the stunning Caribbean, you won’t have a problem relaxing oceanside….or by the pool…whichever tickles your fancy.

    Word of advice: spring for the extra hundred bucks for Preferred Club which gives you a few very important extras like 24 hour room service, complimentary snacks and a mini bar constantly restocked with water, Red Stripe, rum and my personal favorite, banana chips. The rooms are also swankier and include an outdoor soaking tub. Did I mention it’s a AAA Four Diamond resort? As the young people say, “Yaaaaassssss!” 

    RUN: The MoBay City Run 5K & 10K, which was the actual reason for my trip. One of the newest races for Montego Bay, proceeds from the event go to helping students continue their education.

    First things, first: keep in mind that this is a fun run, so don’t get caught up with your race time or the lack of amenities (like portable toilets) or the organized chaos pre-race. Just go with the flow.

    The vibe the morning of the race was like any other race you might run, but the post race party was absolutely epic. Reggae music was blaring as you entered the post race area. I scooped up some ugly fruit for my post race snack and later chowed down on jerk chicken, yams and collards while we waited for the awards ceremony to begin. Huge shout out to David Alm, fellow journalist, for placing third in the 10K and also winning the “first Non-Jamaican” award. Seriously.  


    Photo credit: David Alm

    An out and back course, as I continued past the 5K turnaround, it thinned out quite a bit and it felt a little lonely with very few runners and no crowd support. The scenery is a bit dull, but you finish (and by finish, I mean as you go into the post-race area), by the ocean.

    One very important thing to note about the running conditions. It gets very hot, very early. The race starts at 6am (we started a little late) and by 7am the sun was beaming down on me as I finished the race. But, race organizers did a fantastic job with ensuring there were more than enough water stops along the course. Don’t be freaked out by the colorful pouches of liquid they toss at you. It’s actually a sports drink and you’ll want to drink a little bit of at each water stop. It’s very easy to overheat and become dehydrated, particularly since you will have probably consumed a fair amount of alcohol leading up to the race.

    Oh! I forgot to mention the pre- race pasta party the night before, dubbed the “Rasta Pasta Party”. It was “eh”. It can be summed up by American 90s hits and very tiny plates of pasta. The upside was that the pasta was VERY delicious, but the let down was the portion size. We ended up ditching the party early to head back to the resort for a legit dinner.

    DINE: At Scotchies, where, you can get authentic Jamaican food! From jerk chicken and pork to sea bass and bammy, this might be the best meal I’ve ever had in my life. They DO take credit cards, but be sure to tip in cash.

    Photo credit: David Alm

     GO: Rafting down the Martha Brae River. Our captain was the best and a great singer

    SHOP: On HipStrip, where there are tons of local shops. But skip, Margaritaville. If you've seen one, you've seen them all.

    PARTY: At Pier 1. It’s the place to party if that’s what you’re looking for. I didn’t go, but I heard nothing but good things!

    EAT: As much local food as possible and by local, I mean not at the resort.

    DRINK: Rum Punch. Home of Appleton Rum, it’s only proper you have at least one rum punch while you’re there. If not, definitely toast up a Red Stripe.

    WATCH FOR: Sunburns and mosquitos. Sunburns are no fun. Do your due diligence and always slather on sunscreen before stepping outside and invest in a lip balm with SPF. Also, you’ll want to spray yourself with mosquito spray pretty regularly. 

    SPEAK: The local language Patwah, which can best be described as broken English. While Patwah isn’t taught in schools (“proper” English is), it is what is commonly spoken. I received a brief lesson in Patwah and I’m so intrigued by it. Listen to it and ask questions if you don’t understand or need a translation. I finally had to ask someone exactly what President Obama meant in the video below.


    SPLURGE ON: A catamaran and snorkeling excursion via Dreamer Catamaran Cruises.

    SUPPORT: The locals. Tip in US dollars. 

    EXPLORE: Via private driver. While, staying at a resort is absolutely amazing, there’s two problems I have with them. They often give you a watered down version of the country, and two, very few of the dollars made by resorts go back into the community.

    The great thing about having a private driver is that it is WAY cheaper and more reliable than getting a taxi and you are directly supporting the local economy. Also, they’ll be able to give you a more authentic perspective on the city.

    Your best bet is to put together a list of attractions or things you want to do, find a private driver and they’ll help you schedule and plan your excursions during your trip, including pick-up and drop-off at the airport, which could cost you about $40-$50 USD one way. A driver for two days could cost you somewhere around $80 USD a day.

    If you’re not that adventurous, you can also book excursions at your resort. But, the bottom line is just don’t stay on the resort. There are so many other things to see or do!

    NO NEED TO: Exchange US currency for Jamaican dollars. Most businesses take American money or credit cards. Just be sure to always double check the math when converting from Jamaican dollars to US dollars (or vice versa). At the time of my travel $100 Jamaican dollars were equal to $1 American dollar. IF you are going to exchange your money, don’t do it at the airport. You’ll get a better rate elsewhere.

     DON’T: Be shy. Get to know as many of the people as you can. I learned so much about the country and culture just from chatting up natives. By the time I left, I had exchanged information with a few peeps so when I come back, I can connect with them to show me around.


    DON’T: Be shocked that many slave plantations are now tourist attractions. Another journalist and I had an extensive conversation about this, which I will save for another day, but ultimately it boils down to this:

    Instead of allowing slavery to be the dark little secret in Jamaica’s closet, they freely talk about it and own it. They understand its part of their history and helps to define who they are as a country. While it may be uncomfortable to talk about, I think this ownership of their past has allowed them to move beyond it and is a constant reminder to younger generations of their heritage and the sacrifices their ancestors made. Comparatively speaking, in the US it’s the complete opposite and I believe why race relations are in dire straights in America.

    So, if you're looking for a low key runcation, check out the MoBay City Run. Registration for 2016 isn't open quite yet, but you may want to start saving your coins now! 



    Photo Credit: Rance Elgin Photography

    By: Toni Carey (@toni_carey)  

    If you follow me on social media you know that I was having a major freak out about going on the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise. Eight days without WiFi and what seemed like all of mankind. But, I was grateful for the opportunity to be a apart of such an amazing event and being able to connect with thousands of women to spread the BGR! gospel.

    Photo Credit: Rance Elgin Photography 

    I enlisted my good friend Andia Winslow, fitness professional and all around one kick-arse woman (ask about her. no, seriously. ask about her.) to join me aboard the 8-day cruise via the Carnival Breeze to the Cayman Islands, Montego Bay (Jamaica) and Isla de Roatan (Honduras).

    If you have never been on the TJF Fantastic Voyage, I encourage you to book your trip for 2016 NOW. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced and is literally a 24/7 party for 8 days. Andia and I hosted morning runs sponsored by Wal-Mart , as well as a workshop on how to start running.

    The Tom Joyner Foundation supports Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with scholarships, endowments, and capacity building enhancements.

    While the rest of the ship was sleeping in (because, literally there’s a concert at 2am every morning), we had a core group to show up each morning to hit the track with us!  Can you say impressed???

    It was the perfect way to start the day! The sound of the ocean crashing against the boat while you run laps was priceless. Not to mention the view! I can’t think of a better way to get the day started.

    Andia led the group through a set of pre and post run stretches, which admittedly, I’m TERRIBLE at doing. It was a great reminder of the importance of warming up your body and stretching to prevent injuries. She also was on hand to answer questions about running form and overall health and fitness.

    We met so many amazing women (and men) on the cruise! We can’t wait to do it again next year!!

    And, of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without some BGR! shenanigans. Here’s Andia planking on Ford’s new Edge.

    Photo Credit: Rance Elgin Photography