BGR! U "21-Day Clean Eating Challenge" Preview

By: @toni_carey
Interested in the BGR! U "21-Day Clean Eating Challenge"? Here's a little more about what you can expect! 

Learn more about BGR! U and the "21-Day Clean Eating Challenge"

Earlier this year, REI announced the launch of its REI Run Series! With only a $15 registration fee (you heard me), they are bringing its 5K & 10K race series (and love of the outdoors) to local communities across the country! 

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Now, this is how running a race SHOULD be! I'm IN! 

 But, we're doing a little something extra special for our BGR! members!

Because REI is our official outdoor retailer and we LOVE the outdoors, here’s your chance to test out that new pair of shoes, jump-start a fitness routine or settle the score with your running buddy, all while having fun in the outdoors.

Now through November, participate in the race series and you'll be entered for a chance to win one of two $100 REI gift cards. Simply register for the race of your choice and fill out the form below! Winners will be notified in late November.

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Our ambassadors are the heartbeat of the organization and some of the fiercest ladies I know! As we prepare for our first BGR! U course with registered dietitian Danielle Omar and I started thinking about foods I needed a clean break from. The list wasn't hard to come up with and I realized I have a lot of work to do! This week, I asked our ambassadors:

What food do you need a clean break from and why? What's preventing you from making it happen?

Needless to say their feedback made me feel better! I wasn't the only one that had food issues! LOL  After reading through their comments, I want to hear what foods YOU need a clean break from! Need some help? Sign up for our BGR! U "21-Day Clean Eating Challenge" that will cleanse your body of processed foods, sugar, gluten, dairy and other foods that keep you from feeling your best. Learn more by clicking here

"Sugar is my last demon and the one I'm battling the hardest. I like kids candy, offer me Smarties or some Red Hots and I'll hop right in the van *LOL*  - Iris Owens, Black Girls RUN! Los Angeles




"The chip! Potato chips, corn chips, the dorito chips, veggie chips, and chips of beef (oh sorry). You get it. My office gives us free chips and sodas. So, I feel like the chips are a part of my benefits package. It adds $5.00 a day to my income. #dontjudgeme" - Tanya Friends, Black Girls RUN! Milwaukee

"There isn't anything that I want an absolute break from. I believe moderation is the key. But the thing I struggle with having moderation with is once I have something sweet I want more and more
And more. I kicked the too much cheese habit about a year ago and it was so gradual that when it hit me I said to myself, "you actually did it"
- Rebecca Andrews, Black Girls RUN! Los Angeles

"Nuts are good, but not when I can eat 1 pound of unsalted pistachios in a day. I pay about $10 for a bag and in 1-1/2 days it's finished. I then go buy another bag. When I travel, I take enough to last me for my trip because I cannot always find unsalted pistachios. I eat them any time of the day. I also still eat my regular meals. I need intervention." - Phyllis Johnson, Black Girls RUN! Tampa




"Wings and rice . I eat about 8 to 10 unbreaded wings when I should eat only 6 and I love rice."                   - Trinnett King, Black Girls RUN! Jacksonville 





















Hi. My name is Toni and I have a confession. (Hopefully this is a judgement free zone)


Here it goes.....

The one habit I can't seem to break is my love affair with bread! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE anything warm, buttery and yeasty! I'm that person that would much rather indulge in a basket of bread rather than wait for my actual meal. There! I said it! But guess what! THIS ENDS NOW!

I'll be joining the first class in our BGR! U Series, "The 21-Day Clean Eating Challenge" with registered dietitian Danielle Omar starting on July 6! If you're like me, and need a clean break from all things processed, and in my case, warm and buttery, then this is the class for you! 

I'll be trialling some recipes in the next week that are part of our "21 Day Clean Eating Challenge"! Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @officialblackgirlsrun for a preview of what you can expect! 

In the meantime, let me know what food you need a clean break from! 

Learn More About BGR! U


Does your body need a reset? Do you think you might have an allergy or be sensitive to certain foods? Or would you like have a better understanding of what clean eating really is? Our BGR! U Course, "The 21-Day Clean Eating Challenge" is just for you! We're offering four (4) different tracks to choose from, depending on your comfort level. They are:

Course Tracks:

  • Just Nutrition (Beginner - Nutrition 101)
  • Ease Into It (Beginner - Clean Eating Challenge)
  • Challenge Me (Intermediate)
  • Detox Ready (Advanced)

    Your track doesn't change the content of the course, but it does change the commitments you make for the 21 days.
    For example,
    - Fruits are fair game on the "Ease Into It" plan, but recommended once per day if you choose "Detox Ready."
    - Grains are included but only once/per day on the "Challenge Me" path and they are eliminated for the last two weeks on the Detox Ready route.
     - "Just Nutrition" is for you if you don't want to commit to a specific clean eating regimen for three weeks but you do want nutrition tips for improving your endurance and performance on your runs. You will miss out on learning which foods your body is sensitive to, but there's plenty to learn in this program - the Nourish cookbook, weekly materials on handling cravings, prepping produce and rethinking labels, and lots of discussion on healthy substitutions when you're cooking and how to best fuel your workout. 
    And no need to stress about which track is for you. The nutrition protocols are available for everyone to see, so if you feel you've selected the wrong track after registration, you can move over to the plan that suits you best. Or, you can mix and match the paths along the way. There really is no "wrong" way to get Nourished! 


     For more information about BGR! U or "The 21-Day Clean Eating Challenge," click the link below.


    I love makeup and I love black female entrepreneurs! When I first came across LAMIK, I was intrigued! Makeup I could run in? So you mean, I don't have to give my face a scrub before I hit the pavement? SCORE! Because, I'm seriously guilty of ruining my great workout gear from sweat and makeup covered hands.

    But it gets better......

    Meet Kim Roxie, founder and owner of LAMIK Cosmetics. She started small with just creating lip glosses and from there created a full line of eco-chic makeup primarily for women of color. Kim is definitely a woman after my own heart and why LAMIK is a featured brand in our BGR! All Access Summer Series!

    Each BGR! All Access member will receive a BONUS item from LAMIK to keep them fierce and flawless all summer long! Your Fierce & Flawless makeup case is the perfect way to stash all your goodies!!

    Not signed up for BGR! All Access?? What are you waiting for??? Registration ends tomorrow, June 12 at 11:59pm ET! 


    If you haven’t met one of BGR!’s Regional Ambassadors, Adrienne White, you need to. She is the epitome of spunk, smarts, enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment. Toni and I met Adrienne back in 2011 when we were mere bloggers and hosting our first event here in Atlanta. We hosted a meet and greet at a local sports bar to socialize and fellowship with our readers before the Georgia-Publix Marathon.

    As we walked into the room, my cousin Sonya introduced me to her friend, Adrienne. My initial thoughts as the evening continued were, “Is she always this high energy?” But for anyone who has been around Adrienne, you know that her energy is contagious, and you suddenly fall for her positive vibe and enthusiasm. Adrienne is that kind of personality and more. She is one who knows and understands who she is, what she wants, and is on the path to obtaining it.

    When RoC Skincare came to me and asked me who I would nominate for the MORE Magazine’s Women With MORE essay contest, sponsored by RoC, I instantly thought of Adrienne. Why? Because Adrienne White is one who is involved, committed, dedicated, and ambitious in her work, the community, education, and in the causes of women.

    Let’s fast forward five years later to when our friendship had grown outside of BGR! One of the things that I admire most about her is her ambition. I could certainly write about Adrienne’s ambition as it pertains to her professional career. She started her career with Coca-Cola as a principle auditor and then progressed to finance manager. Presently, Adrienne is a Financial Service Lead for Coca-Cola. She has been with the company for over six years and has continued to climb the corporate ladder and excel. She is on the path to success. It is her desire and future goal to be in a higher leadership role in the future.

    Outside of BGR! I think what sets Adrienne apart as a public servant is her desire to create real change in our community as it pertains to her passions in education, health and wellness, and women's equality. Adrienne is a political force in advocating for women in politics. This isn’t an easy feat in the deeply red-rooted state of Georgia. In her own words, Adrienne writes, “I believe in the political process to effect change.” And she serves as board chairperson of the state's only PAC dedicated to recruiting, training and supporting Democrat women. Politically, she is on the board of the New Leaders Council (NLC) which works to recruit, train and promote the progressive political entrepreneurs of tomorrow by engaging leaders in business and industry who will shape the future tomorrow. In education, she is a former board member of Intown Academy a charter school in Atlanta. As a working woman who is steadfast in her beliefs, she perseveres in serving and continuing to give her time in helping to make life better for others.

    Adrienne has also demonstrated this role ambition through her dedication and commitment to Black Girls RUN! Since our first meeting in 2011, Adrienne has been a pivotal player in the launch and growth of our Atlanta group, growing it to over 16,000 plus members. She began her work in the BGR! organization as an Ambassador. In this position, she organized all weekly runs and initiated new women into the group. She now has a new role which allows a greater opportunity in leadership as a Regional Ambassador. She inspires and advises over 40 BGR! Ambassadors in the states of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama, who in turn activate over 20,000 women.

    I remember the first Tuesday night run that I was able to attend which Adrienne led as Ambassador. Before us stood a sea of women. Adrienne bounced on top of the raised sidewalk and addressed the women in a loud confident voice. She directed everyone to raise their hand and repeat after her, “I-AM-A-RUNNER!” She belted out over and over until a thunder of voices were resounding in the still wind of the evening. Her words of encouragement to the crowd were the pep talk they needed to tackle their arduous miles. Adrienne continues to instill that same running spirit into new members she meets. She has been committed to helping the movement grow by encouraging members to embrace their inner runner’s spirit – to become the healthiest they can be.

    I truly believe that ten years from now, not only the city of Atlanta, but the state of Georgia will be better because Adrienne White’s voice will be heard; and her efforts will be seen. Her ambition to create real change in education, health and wellness, and women’s equality will be heard on a higher platform in our community and state.

    Do you know someone that should be honored? The first 300 entrants will receive a bottle of RoC RETINOL CORREXION Deep Wrinkle Serum.

    #sponsored #rocskincare

    On the fence about signing up for BGR! All Access? Well, anyone that signs up today (May 29) will be entered to win an amazing giveaway from Skirt Sports.  FIVE of you lucky ducks will receive a running skirt, visor and running socks, a $97 value!
    Here's the kicker. EVERYONE that registers for BGR! All Access (or already have) will receive a gift certificate to Skirt Sports for $25. 
    And because, it's #FierceFriday, this one's a freebie:  Use the discount code skirtlove15 if you want to run the Louisville, Colorado 13'r (half, 10K or 5K) OR the Virtual 13'r.  The Finisher skirt is adorable.

    So, just what is BGR! All Access???

    Toni Carey, co-founder of Black Girls RUN!,  explains.

    To view the complete program, visit BGR! All Access

    Our ambassadors are the heartbeat of the organization and some of the fiercest ladies I know! I wanted to know how they planned to take it up a notch this summer! So, this week I asked them this: 

    Are you going hard this summer? I want to know why you are taking your fitness to the next level this summer? Why is now the time? 

    What I got back was a page full of inspiration and ideas to get the most unmotivated person thinking about what they want to accomplish this summer! After reading through their comments, I want to hear how YOU are making it a summer to remember! Need a little motivation? Sign up for BGR! All Access to help you stay motivated while getting the VIP treatment with exclusive content, previews and discounts for every aspect of #BGRLife! 




        "Preparing for my first marathon.... In Berlin Germany! I want to be able to have a great race so that I am able enjoy my mini vacation afterwards!!" - Racquel (BGR! Connecticut) 





          "Interesting you used that phrase, my mantra this year has been "Take It To The Next Level", we even had a 3 month event in our group with this focus. Personally I am starting to train for my first marathon, at age 56. This is a fall race, Richmond in November so for the first time I will be training in the heat. Lawd help me." - Mekela (BGR! Morrisville)


















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      "My goal was to be under 200 lbs. by my birthday! I made that goal and completed my first half marathon...and I didn't give it my BEST effort. Oh I ran; I also completed a 100 day Run Streak. But I've no done no strength training and my eating habits are haphazard at best. So's time to focus and get it together! #playtimeisover #bikini2016" - Denice (BGR! Seattle/Tacoma)



       "I am turning 50 fifty in 7 months and I want to be fit and lean. I am always going hard but this summer I am on the route to smash every fear and every limit I had set in my first 49 years. The next 49 years is about limitles and fearless life." - Tanya (BGR! Milwaukee)



        "I will be going hard in order to drop some pounds and tone my bodacious bod to ensure that the sexy is preserved on the BGR! CRUISE." - Jennean (BGR! Long Island)



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