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Nov 20, 2018

Why I #OptOutside

I joined BGR! Winston-Salem and it has changed my life!

By: Falena Bryden, BGR! Winston-Salem

I was hesitant about being a Runner.  I thought, no way would I ever run again.  I ran track in High School but it was short distances.  100 Meter and 200 Meter Dash only. I decided to join my best friend and her new running friends.  I came in the door as the Rookie. When I first started, it was not one of my favorite hobbies. My shins were all that I could focus on.  I felt that If I could get them right, I would master this running thing. Well, I was educated at the Shoe Clinic and one of my coaches recommended that I get new shoes.  I did, and my shin problem was solved! But, now I was winded. Breathing and overheating. With the support of my running group, I was encouraged to keep pushing and that it would get better.  I came out and ran a few 5k’s. Just as I started enjoying crossing that 5k Finish Line, I realized, I need to do a ½ Marathon. To be continued on that one. I’ve worked my way up to an 8k. I graduated from the Walk Before You Run Program Spring of 2018.  The love and support that the Program offered was awesome and it was free! The ladies took their time to volunteer to help us through the program three days out of the week. After completing the program, I decided to sign up for a Lead for the fall session.  Running has become an essential part of my life. I love seeing other people run. My newest wardrobe consists of running gear and sneaks. I can’t resist looking for running gear in any store that I enter. I have Type 2 diabetes and my A1C is currently at 7.9.  I am working on getting it under 7. I have lost 25 pounds since I started the program in March. I plan on losing 25 more. Trust the program ladies.

Join us for a nice run November 23 at 7a.m. Hanes Park. Running doesn’t cost a thing!!! #optoutside #FreeBlackFriday.

Nov 4, 2017

Why I #OptOutside

In my opinion nothing beats being outside in the fall.  Each year the earth puts on a magnificent display of color, thrusting crimsons, bronzes, ambers, and butterscotch palettes into our views.  The air is fresh and crisp and sunny days are welcomed with sunlit kisses to warm your face.  Fall is a time for hats and mittens and comfy breathable clothing.  I enjoy Thanksgiving in typical American fashion, by stuffing myself with all the delectable delights that my family prepares.  I relish in it. 

In fact, I even have turkey sweat pants for those moments of indulgence, but Black Friday is my day to return to my normal self.  Black Friday’s run is the day to ponder the day before and be grateful for the ability to even run.  Black Friday is not meant for being stuffed into stores on my day off.  I use the day to reenergize myself by OPT-ing OUT of the craziness of the crowded shopping centers.  I run off a few more calories, if for nothing else than to make some more room for one more slice of sweet potato pie.  My name is Lalicia Roman and I am a member of Black Girls Run! #OptOutside #sponsored