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Jan 7, 2022

Why does Fitness feel so stressful?

It’s the new year and so many thoughts and feelings are running through your head.

What races am I doing this year?

How much weight do I want to lose?

I want to build muscle this year.

I want to get a PR in my 5k.

I want to get better with my running.

Whew did you get tired yet just reading and thinking about all those things?

So why does it seem like fitness can be so stressful?

Is it because we put so much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way?

Is it because we are striving to compete or look like the person beside of us in the gym?

As women I think we get so caught up in Fitness and how we should look that we forget the true benefits and reasoning behind healthy lifestyle/fitness. Social media has created this look of what Fitness should look like. In addition, it has created this image of what is classified as FIT. We find ourselves competing with others versus just simply having fun or the fellowship with others. Or find us chasing a number, a look, a size because that is what social media has classified as being FIT.

With the new year being here and level of uncertainty of what this year will look like and the What If’s

What happens if I don’t get my run in?

What happens if I don’t do that 5k?

What happens if I didn’t get to the gym?

So, what happens; well we regroup, we do something else, we do what we can.

Let Go of the STRESS

Stop stressing on this thing called the Right Fitness. There is no such thing as the right fitness. There is a such thing as Fitness for everyone, getting out and moving, doing something every day. So, whatever that may look like for you…do it. Whatever may inspire you to go out and move…do it. Whatever fitness level you may be on…Keep doing what you are doing. Don’t ever feel like you must do certain activities to be classified as a fit person. When you get up off the couch each day and do something that gets your heart pumping and that makes you feel GREAT…that is when you have truly found fitness for you.

Always remember… Fitness is not a destination it is a way of Life. Engage in fitness to become a happier person, not a stressed-out person. Do it for you…No one else but you.

By: Felicia. R. Hall @feliciarhall
Felicia is an educator and motivator at heart. Felicia is a Certified Athletic Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Run & Fitness Coach, RYT 200 Yoga Instructor, Educator and a doctoral candidate. She is a small-town girl who loves running, nature and helping others become the best version of themselves.