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Aug 28, 2019

Meet Kelli Rockwell – BGR! Chicago, Ambassador

My official run with BGR was in June 2013. My daughter got out of school for summer vacation on a Friday and I started my journey that following Monday. After my daughter telling me that she wanted me to be healthy, I had no other choice but to get myself back on track. I’ve been active in sports all of my life and deep down I knew I need to get my act together.  

My most memorable BGR! experience on the pavement was my first group run.  There were two run coordinators  Robin Moore & Rojenia Jones. They were absolutely the best.  Rojenia actually stayed with me as we conquered a 5k.  She was patient and helpful.  As we were making it back to the park the other ladies that were ahead of us started running towards us.  I didn’t know what was going on. I actually thought something was wrong. I’m looking confused as ever and asked what was wrong.  A lady replied and said nothing!  We came to run you in. The tears started to flow.  That left a lasting impression on me.  I have many more memorable times but that one is the one I think of first. “No Woman Left Behind” is something this organization holds true to. I love BGR! for the uniqueness of the women that are apart of this organization. Its moving to see Black Women defying odds and stereotypes. BGR! has given me the opportunity to meet so many inspiring women who have similar journeys.

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