Black Girls RUN! Local Group Run Agreement - Please Sign


Jun 25, 2021

Meet Digital Content Creator, Eden Barbee Mabry!

Q: What’s your favorite part about the writing process?
A: Thinking of the title.

Q: Where do you get your ideas for content that you write for Black Girls Run?
A: Most of my ideas come from personal experiences.

Q: What do you enjoy most about writing for Black Girls Run?
A: I enjoy being able to extend my accountability to providing relatable topics to women.

Q: What was your best running experience?
A: My best running experience thus far has been my first Peachtree Road Race in 2019.

Q: What was your favorite race that you participated in?
A: My favorite race has been The Peachtree Road Race. The total experience from the training, to the Expo, to the actual day of getting up before dawn and being part of the world’s largest 10K exudes excitement!

Q: Why did you start running?
A: I started running because I needed change in my body. I needed change not only on my outward appearance, but my overall being. I did not set out to become a ‘runner’ per se, but joined BGR! because of its mission statement and was looking for supportive women to hold me accountable.

Q: What do you like to do for self-care?
A: Meditation, writing in my journal, long hot baths with either tea or a cocktail, and attending outdoor concert events with friends are all my favorite self-care regimens.

Q: What is your favorite healthy snack?
A: I love kale! Kale chips, kale salad, kale ice cream. Yep! Kale ice cream!

Q: What is one fun fact about you?
A: I enjoy the water! So much so that my children used to be ready to leave the pool and waterparks before me. We still joke about how long I can stay in the water!

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