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Sep 27, 2023

It’s a Mental Thing

I can’t believe how the year is flying by and how it is already September. Well, what this means for me is that it is RACE season. It is time for me to showcase all my training in my races. This can be scary for many people because it’s like WOW it is reality now that it’s race season.

I remember one year I was training hard to get under 2 hours for my half marathon. I trained as best as I could, but the reality was during my training season it was rough. I had experienced family issues, work problems, depression, and anxiety. As the time approached for the actual race day, I was determined that I was going to get under 2 hours, and that I was going to push myself as hard as I could for that race.

Well needless to say I was very disappointed because I didn’t get that PR. It was the worst half marathon that I had ever done. So, after the race, I really began to beat myself up and say why did you have so many problems? As I really reflected on the race, I realized that it wasn’t that my body wasn’t prepared for the race, my mind wasn’t prepared. My mind was distracted by the fear of failure, the fear of not maintaining the pace, and the stress that I had been dealing with throughout the training. My mind was all over the place. After really looking at that I realized that WOW that makes total sense.

 It’s a Mental Thing!
After the race I really began to not only focus on the physical aspect of training but the entire package (mind, body, and soul) I realized that I could definitely PR but first I had to deal with my mental state.

How did I accomplish this?
I started off first with just going out to do a run with no intention of mileage, no pace requirements, and no other requirements. I just wanted to go out and run and just have fun and enjoy the run. I realized when I decided to not put all that stress on myself my runs began to get better. I began to really find my inner peace through running. Running began to open another aspect of life than just running and fitness.

I began to truly live and enjoy the process!

So, what does all this mean Felicia?
Don’t stress about how you should do in a race or put so many expectations on yourself. Enjoy the process, enjoy the race, enjoy the fact that you are out there accomplishing something that someone else wishes they could do. Honor yourself for sticking with the training, and for showing up for the runs even when you didn’t want to show up. Show yourself grace for the times your body isn’t feeling it and know that it is okay to not be 100% all the time. Remember, don’t let your mind take control over you, you take control over your mind.

By: Felicia. R. Hall @feliciarhall
Felicia is an educator and motivator at heart. Felicia is a Certified Athletic Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Run & Fitness Coach, RYT 200 Yoga Instructor, Educator, and a doctoral candidate. She is a small-town girl who loves running, nature, and helping others become the best version of themselves.