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Jul 6, 2022

Get Ready for Sweat With Your Sole – #SWYS2022

Are you ready for a weekend of sisterhood?  Are you ready for a weekend getaway from the family?  Are you ready for a weekend of fitness, fun, workshops, and information that will help you on your fitness journey?

Many of us may attend conferences for our careers and may be familiar with some of the ‘must-haves” for attending a conference, but let’s review some things you want to be sure you pack for this year’s Sweat With Your Sole Conference.

Making sure you have items that you “might need” is essential and helps you enjoy every moment without concern you may have left something at home.

First and foremost, bring an open mind to the conference.  There will be speakers who will bring their perspectives on fitness, health, and wellness.  Having an open mind allows you to receive their information even if you are not at the same place they are in their journey.  We learn from others and their experiences too.

If you are staying in the host hotel, plan to check out the hotel’s amenities before arriving so you can pack appropriate gear and clothing.  Although there is a 10K and Half Marathon taking place on the last day of the conference, you may want to take advantage of the workout facility at the host hotel.  Plan to pack more than one workout outfit.  And don’t forget your sneakers for the 10K or Half Marathon!

Speaking of sneakers, this year, there will be a Sneaker Soiree’ Dinner.  Pack your dinner dress and a cute pair of sneakers.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  Charge up your phone in between breaks so you’ll be picture ready!

To ensure you are ready for the workshops being offered, you may find it helpful if you pack the following items:

  • Refillable water bottle. Hydration is important. If you are participating in the 10K or Half Marathon, staying hydrated days before will help you on the day of the race.
  • Phone charger, laptop, or tablet charger.  Be prepared to take notes during the sessions.  You may want to also live Tweet or Facebook from the sessions or other events being held.  Packing chargers and batteries will ensure you are fully prepared.
  • Notebook/notepad and pen. Even if you prefer to take notes on your electronic devices, you’ll want to have an old-school method of taking notes readily available.  Your workshop session presenter may request you only use notepads and a pen.  If that is the case, you will be prepared.
  • Comfortable shoes. We all want to look cute, but nowadays, it is easy to look cute and be comfortable at the same time.  Keep this in mind when packing your shoes for your outfits.
  • Sweater, jacket, wrap. Conference rooms can be cold.
  • Pack healthy and on-the-go choices including but not limited to granola bars, nuts, and dried fruit.
  • Tote bag for workshop session materials.

Things to do to help you get the most out of the conference:

  • Be social, even if you are an introvert. Have conversations with fellow BGR! sisters can prove to be invaluable.  You may just end up networking through just socializing, or you may meet someone with the same interests and goals on their fitness journey.
  • Take advantage of being away from home and enjoy yourself.
  • Relax and have a good time. This weekend is reserved for you.  Do things for yourself.  Be present for yourself.

Remember that everyone attending is in a different place in their fitness journey.  If you are a newbie, there will be something there for you.  If you are a veteran fitness expert, there will be something there for you.  Focus on what YOU need.  Attend the workshop sessions that will benefit YOU.  Your travel partner or your best friend may be way ahead of you or behind you.  You don’t have to attend the same sessions, you can plan to meet up later.  You are attending SWYS 2022 for YOU.

It will be a beautiful weekend of women from all levels of fitness coming together for one common goal: to celebrate each other and obtain further information on continuing on our individual journeys.

See you there!

By: Eden Barbee-Mabry / (@gardenonthegram – IG/ @EdenJBe – Twitter)
Eden Barbee-Mabry is an Education Support Analyst with the State of Georgia. Eden is a native of Kalamazoo, Michigan, and was led to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia after graduating from Clark Atlanta University in 1988. Eden joined Black Girls Run! in the Spring of 2016 and graduated from the Walk B4 You Run program in June of 2016 and is currently Run Lead for the Fairburn, Georgia group. Eden is a purse lover and strives to inspire every woman because her belief is that although the circumstances may be different, every woman can extract strength from another woman’s story.