Black Girls RUN! Local Group Run Agreement - Please Sign


Nov 21, 2019

Creating a Healthier, Sustainable Future For Us All

Black Girls RUN! Baltimore invites you to #OptOutside!

Whether it’s recycling, walking to the store vs. driving, taking the stairs vs. elevator or bringing our recyclable bags to the grocery store vs. using plastic bags, our daily choices have an impact on our environment. When you come out to a Black Girls RUN! weekly run, the choice you make to be healthier also has an impact on your community! Choosing to go for a run empowers the social and community wellness of your environment. There is so much power in running, and Black Girls RUN! Is proud to be taking part in #OptOutside on November 29th to continue to bring awareness about how we are changing our community one step, one mile and one healthier life at a time! Join us!