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Jul 19, 2018

Coach’s Corner: Fuel & Hydrate


It’s hot out there ladies, so please prepare for your runs. 

Make sure you are able to hydrate every 15-20 minutes. I hear some people say they don’t like to carry anything or wear a belt. Well, unless you run a route that offers water this regular, learn to carry a bottle or get a belt lol! Especially in this heat, it is so easy to become dehydrated. I ALWAYS wear my hydration belt, even on a 3 mile run. On some routes, where I know there’s no water on it, I will drive to a later point and stash a frozen bottle of water, so I can replenish when I get there. Good idea if you can add electrolytes to your water.

Also, sometimes you go out to run a certain distance, and you either feel great or keep running with others so you run a longer distance than planned. Prepare for this also with fuel. I always have more than enough with me. You should fuel every 45-60 minutes, whether it’s a gel, a chew, crackers, fruit, applesauce, just make sure your body is getting some carbs and sugar to keep going. And even on a 3 mile run, I bring a little fuel because you never know.

Remember, it’s not about how you feel, as your body may need it before you “feel” you need it. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

If you drove to where you ran, have something quick and easy to eat when you get in your car. A light energy bar is perfect with balanced protein, carbs and low sugar or a pre-made smoothie is great too.

Happy running!



I’ve lived in Tampa, FL since getting married in 1991. I started running in the mid 90’s and completed a few 5k’s then my longest distance, a 15k in 1996.  Then I allowed life to get in the way and didn’t run again until 12/08 when I was 40.  I started back with that same 15k in 2/09.  I ran my first Half Marathon in 11/09, then my first full marathon in 2/2010. Since that time, I’ve run 120 Half Marathons, 10 Full Marathons and countless other race distances.  I have been an active member of BGR since 2010 and was an Ambassador for Tampa 2013-2015. I started coaching people in 2011 and became certified thru RRCA and USATF in 2013.  Since then, I have coached hundreds of people virtually all over the country from their first 5k to their best marathon time.  I was honored to serve as the National Coach for BGR! for their WalkB4URUN Training program in 2017.  I’m married to an amazing runner as well, and was able to coach him to run the Boston Marathon this year. I love helping people reach new goals!  I especially love helping newer runners learn to get better and more confident!