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Nov 21, 2018

Black Girls RUN! Announces National Foundation


RICHMOND, VA (November 21, 2018) – Black Girls RUN! (BGR!) is excited to announce the launch of the BGR! Foundation to support the ongoing growth of our local community groups and the national organization.

“For the last almost decade, Black Girls RUN! has operated as a for-profit business and this has presented limitations with the sustainability and expansion of the organization,” says BGR! owner/CEO, Jay Ell Alexander. “Now with this new organizational structure, we will be able to fundraise and provide more resources and support for our communities.”

Black Girls RUN! will continue to operate the national events and merchandise side of the organization, while the BGR! Foundation will work to identify and provide resources and programming at the local and regional levels. The BGR! Foundation is a 501(c)3 – nonprofit organization and received their designation in July.

The Facebook Community Leadership Program recently announced will support the BGR! Foundation side of the house and integrate training programs in local cities. More details about the launch of this grant will come soon.

The BGR! Foundation is supported by a Board of Directors that represent members from across the country and will provide sound direction as we take the organization to the next level. The Board of Directors held their first Board meeting in early November and are working on the strategic plan and budget to identify focus areas for the foundation. 

The first fundraising campaign will come on Giving Tuesday, November 27th with a goal to raise $5,000 through the organization’s Facebook page. The BGR! Foundation will use all donations and grants to fund programs at the local level. Facebook will be matching donations for that 24 hours.

“It is my goal to provide every resource possible to a woman wanting to make a difference in her own life and get healthier,” says Alexander. “From running shoes to registrations, BGR! Foundation wants to remove those barriers that impact the African American community.”

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