Black Girls RUN! Local Group Run Agreement - Please Sign


Apr 2, 2020

BGR! Nation Safety Alert Update

Hey BGR! Nation & Family! Hoping you and your families are healthy and well considering all of what is around us and the current state of our country.

In recent weeks, BGR! Nation has asked our groups across the country to practice social distancing and to cancel runs at the discretion of our local group leads.

As of today to show a unified front and consistent message amongst all of our groups, we ask that ALL of our groups regardless of your current state mandates cancel ALL group runs – official and unofficial. ***This includes the 10 or less with social distancing rule.*** No BGR! group runs.

The more we learn about this virus and the more we do not know, we see it is airborne and we have no idea really how far away we need to be from each other. Six feet is suggested, but arbitrary. Our safest option is to stay home and run alone.

Again, all BGR! group runs (official and unofficial) are cancelled until further notice. We want everyone to live to race and run as a family again.

Even if you make your own personal choice to run in a group, we also ask that no group run pictures be posted to the Black Girls RUN! group pages as we think this sends a wrong message to the community as BGR! is a leader in the running community. We strongly support virtual challenges and solo runs until it is safe for all.

Let’s all do our part – keeping all of us in prayer! We will make it through!

Thank you and continue to ‘Preserve the Sexy’ (solo)!