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Aug 30, 2018

6 Ways Honey Will Amp Up Your Beauty Game

Girl, honey is the Beyonce of the beauty world. Once you know all the different ways honey will amp up your routine, you will be ape sh*t over it too. You can literally find it in just about any skincare product from masks, lip balms and facial wash and for good reason.  

Honey has soo many ahhmazing properties from collagen building to fading acne scars to helping with seasonal allergies! Yep, my daughter has suffered from severe allergies and anytime they think of flaring up, a tablespoon of raw honey comes to the rescue!! 

Needless to say I could go on and on about honey girl but let’s get into these beauty tips!

1.Hair hydrating mask

My mom always used to use honey as a deep conditioner when I was a little girl. It naturally hydrates the hair strands and is very effective in retaining moisture keeping our hair soft.  

Tip: Honey makes a great conditioner. Mix a quarter cup of honey with a little bit of water. Just enough to thin it out so you can easily spread it through your hair.. Let it sit for about 30 mins then rinse.  

2. Moisturizing Face Mask

Ohhh I could go on and on here let me tell ya… but my most favorite thing is the glow and how soft your face will feel after using honey.  The natural sugars in the honey act as a natural humectant, increasing moisture retention in the skin.  And the natural enzymes leave your skin with that amazing natural glow. 

3. Lip Mask

Raw honey makes the perfect base for a lip mask or scrub. It’s a girl’s best friend for sure during the winter. When I lip mask, I really feel all luxed out during my self care at home spa day.  Just the sound of it…lol Like it should cost hundreds eh? Nope.. Just apply a thin layer of honey then a piece of saran wrap over your lips and let it sit for up to 30 mins then rinse. 

Tip: Before rinsing take a little bit of raw sugar and exfoliate the lip while the honey is still on! 

 4. Gentle exfoliator

Applying raw honey onto the skin makes for a great gentle exfoliator especially for those who have really sensitive skin.

The enzymes in the honey help your complexion become healthy and radiant. Your skin will glow!

 5. Acne spot treatment

Due to honey’s anti-inflammatory properties it helps reduce redness and swelling from breakouts. The antibacterial properties of honey can help fight acne-causing bacteria. 

Tip: Take some Manuka or raw honey and dab it on the first onset of a breakout! Leave it on overnight. You won’t be disappointed.

And lastly,…..

6. A Bath Soak

Up your relaxation goals and take a honey-infused soak.  Take about a 3 huge tablespoons and dissolve in in some hot water. Then add it to your bath water. Light some candles, turn on some music and relax.  Not only will you feel like you’re at a 5 star hotel but your skin will feel so soft and hydrated.

I’m telling you Sugahs, get yourself some pure Raw Honey and you will not be disappointed. Don’t forget to come back and let me know how your skin is glowing.

Until Next Time,


Marla Rene


Marla Rene is the founder of Marla Rene Skincare an eco-conscious lifestyle brand for the modern diva living her most vibrant life. An avid DIY’er and coffee lover, she strives to empower women to take control of their health and well-being by enabling them to make skin care choices that will help them achieve their personal vision of beauty without sacrificing their inner being. | | IG: @marlareneskincare