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Dec 22, 2023

2024 Goals with Core Pore

In 2024, I will be turning 50 years old, and focusing on my wellness is at the top of my list. Staying active and healthy eating habits are especially important. I love running and walking to stay in shape. I am usually training for a race to help motivate me to be active. Being active is critical but so is my diet. One of the easiest things I do nutritionally is drink Core Power High Protein Shakes. The shakes taste delicious but also have high-quality protein to build muscle. Core Power has many other excellent benefits.

Core Power is a post-workout shake with 26 or 42 grams of protein in a single serving. Protein does a lot for your body and has many benefits. I have also been told by my physician that for women especially, it is important to incorporate calcium as part of a healthy diet, and milk is a  good source of calcium.

Core Power’s protein comes from ultra-filtered milk, which supports recovery and encourages muscle growth post-exercise. Normally, aging slows down metabolism and muscle retention. With a good workout regimen, protein is essential for repairing, rebuilding, and maintaining muscle and body tissue. Many trusted sources recommend that a person should consume protein shortly after a workout. The shakes are an easy option to get the protein needed post-workout.

Core Power is also convenient! The bottle is small and easy to take a long anywhere.  The shakes are readily available in most grocers and convenience stores, as well as online at Amazon. The shakes come in great flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and  strawberry banana . Although I am not a nutritionist, I highly recommend incorporating Core Power High Protein Shakes in your fitness and recovery journey.

Veronica is an accountant and works full-time for a  large financial institution.  She is a wife, mother, and grandmother! Her hobbies include traveling and running.