Treadmills Don't Suck

Whether it's 100 degrees, a torrential downpour or snow on the ground, sometimes you have to turn to the treadmill (or dreadmill) to get in those miles. But never fear! Running on the treadmill doesn't have to suck! Our new e-book Treadmills Don't Suck will help turn your frown upside down with successful advice and strategies to make running on the treadmill, dare we say fun all while enhancing your overall training. 

Written by Toni Carey, Black Girls RUN! Co-Founder and Andia Winslow, fitness activist, this is the go-to guide with easy-to-read advice and workouts to make the treadmill work for you and your training goals. 

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Treadmill Is Your Friend

Chapter 2: Finding the Balance Between the Pavement and the Treadmill

Chapter 3: Know Before You Go

Chapter 4: The Workouts

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