BGR! Distance Training


Black Girls RUN!’s Distance Training programs are created to inspire and coach regular women just like us to achieve their goals of running a half or full marathon.

This 16 to 18-week programs are a step-by-step virtual training experience that guides you to running 13.1 or 26.2 miles. No matter your goals, our top priority is to ensure you run these distances injury-free. 

Whether it's your first half-marathon or marathon, you'd like to improve your race times, or you have other goals in mind, 

Led by Tia Pettygrue, BGR!’s official training coach, you’ll receive all the tools you need to take your first step to becoming a runner.

Why Do You Need a Running Coach?*

  • They Help You Define and Meet Your Goals
  • They Keep You Consistent and Motivated
  • They Warm You Up, Cool You Down to Stave Off Injuries
  • They Have Great Tips For Nutrition and Fueling

Benefits of Training with Black Girls RUN!:

  1. It’s All Levels Training: Training with people of varying fitness levels and paces has its benefits. For example, if you are slower you can run with someone a little faster and that helps to push and motivate you. If you are faster and you need to go slower for any reason, you have people in the group to run at that pace.
  1. Thousands of Accountability Partners: Not only will you have your fellow Walk Before You Run participants to cheer you on, you’ll also have thousands of members across the country to help you stay motivated and encouraged. We have one common goal and we promise to hold each other accountable.
  1. Learn From Others: What better way to learn than from others. You have the ability to ask questions in a safe environment and you gather information and advice from your fellow runners.
  1. The RIGHT Training Tools -  In order to be successful, you need the right tools. The right eating plans, training schedule, workout plans are essential in teaching you the right ways to train.