Travel Tips To Keep You On the Run

By JayEll Alexander

Summer is in full swing and let the travel begin! Ashley and Toni have been on the road quite a bit for the Preserve the Sexy Tour and preparing for the Sweat With Your Sole in Atlanta in September! REGISTER NOW :-)

There is no doubt about it, traveling and working out is hard. Hotel gyms tend to be small and there is but so much mileage you can do on a treadmill, so sometimes you have to venture out in to unknown territory to make sure you stay on your training plan.

Brooks Running has provided us with some fun and handy travel tips, just in time for our next trip to Houston on July 26th for the Preserve the Sexy Tour!

Kira Harrison, a footwear merchandising associate at Brooks Running, is a lifelong runner who travels the world to gather insight, build award-winning shoes and to help people everywhere run happy. She has mastered the art of traveling as her job requires her to pack up and go quite frequently.

"With so many people taking summer trips and weekend getaways with the warmer weather, we want to make sure you’re prepared and can still squeeze in the run in between all the fun of vacation." says Harrison. "I’ve included the tips below. Enjoy!"

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1) Get out the door in the morning before your day starts. When you are on the road, your schedule can often be unpredictable, by running in the morning you guarantee getting your run in and it energizes you for the rest of the day.

2) Use your run as a sightseeing opportunity. Running is a great way to see a new place and the run becomes an adventure vs. just exercise.

3) Pack fast drying apparel, made of synthetic fibers. Because you won’t be able to do laundry on the road, you want your gear to dry before you have to pack it back into your suitcase. Also, a plastic bag to wrap around your shoes is helpful to keep dirt and smell away from the rest of your belongings.

4) Connect with a local running store for advice on routes. They also may have running groups that leave from their store which will provide you with running buddies. If crunched for time, the hotel concierge is also a great resource. Many have pocket-sized maps with recommended running routes, making it simple to get in a good run right out the front door.

5) To keep your legs fresh, wear compression socks on the airplane. This helps maintain blood flow and your legs will feel better on your run. Let us know some of your travel tips below for working out and running 'on the go'!

Toni Carey
Toni Carey


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Afzal Zaheer
Afzal Zaheer

October 14, 2016


You have presented practical tips which i really like to make a pleasant difference in my life.


April 19, 2015

Great general tips there. I think I agree most with number one, who knows what can happen in a day, get out there first thing as it can be so unpredictable when on holidays.
Wish I kept up with my fitness when I was away last year. 18lb gain in 6 weeks is a lot! Didn’t help that I did most of my leisure and swimming in the last 8 days, man that bikini got tight!

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