Don’t judge Me!

By Damaris Roulette (@1MrsRoulette) So many diet programs out there, so many opinions as to what one should and should not eat. For me, wellness comes first. Then from there, I choose what should be on my plate. Now, today I had it all figured out, baked pork chops, fresh green beans, and mashed potatoes. The day waned, the chops were defrosting in the fridge and dinner was a wrap, in my head that is. A stop at the post office deflated me of most of my energy. The line stretched to Alaska! Well, almost! That kind of hope and patience, I wasn’t endowed with. Scratch that errand. Energy running low, it wasn’t long before the mashed potatoes plan was scratched from the list. Ramen noodles sounded strangely yummy right about then. A quick run back home to get ready for a 4 o’clock meeting and a stint at the amazing Austin traffic killed the pig. And the farmer could hold on to the green beans till tomorrow…. Some dinner plans remain just that –plans. Some people have a schedule, complete with an Excel spreadsheet smack on the refrigerator or an app for that. I try to plan ahead. But really, I go with what I crave. Moderation is my key. And I do not beat myself up for ingesting gluten when others swear it is the root of all diseases. I should see a little more green on my plate today, but today I was allergic to anything leafy. Maybe tomorrow. I have this love relationship with food.  I browse the fresh foods section for hours, I pull recipes from Facebook, and I bring Pintrest to my kitchen just to experience a new realm with nature’s crop. I bake too, but every once in a while, I order through the drive-through window. My choices are not ideal all the time. Sometimes, convenience overpowers my better judgment. But it balances out with bunny days of carrot cravings, goat days of leafy salads, and even fruity days of Fuji apples with peanut butter dip! So don’t judge me if you see me hogging on that slice of Cheesecake Factory sinfully delicious cheesecake; It might be my birthday. Don’t judge me when you see me crunching down celery. It might be my snack before my lasagna is ready. What is on my plate is not always what should be. But I am well. I don’t ascribe to Adkins, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, or any formal diet program and neither do I judge those who are. Be happy, and enjoy your choices as long as they nourish your body right. Listen to your doctor, know your cholesterol levels, the good and the bad. (My pipes have a way of building up clog, doctor said. So I am overly conscious of that). Balance it all with a fitness regimen, whatever your passion. May you have the kind of relationship I have with food –joyful and blissful. Damaris Roulette is a proud member of BGR - Austin Chapter. Nurse, teacher, wife, and new(ish) runner, she likes to write on varying topics. Check out her natural hair blog and her life ramblings on



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