7 Things I Won't Do in 2014

While everyone is making their list of resolutions for the new year, I've been racking my brain about what I want to accomplish in 2014. For some reason, this is the first time I've come up with nothing. Sure there are things I want to do (ie. be a better person, lose weight, run mucho miles), but nothing earth shattering has come to mind. 2013 was awesome and I'm just super blessed to see another year. Instead of making a list of things I DO want to do in 2014, I took another approach and made a list of things I don't want to repeat in the new year! 1.) BE A SLAVE TO THE SCALE: Let's just say in 2013, it got to the point my husband started hiding the scale from me. So, I was a little obsessive about my weight, aren't we all? I realized I was developing a very unhealthy habit and need to focus on how I feel rather than some numbers on the scale. This doesn't mean I won't ever weigh myself again, just not every day. (yeahhhhh.....it was pretty bad). 2.) SKIP REST DAYS: If you're like me, life happens and you skip a workout and then try to make it up on rest days. Negative. Rest is almost more important than the actual workout. Moving forward, I'll chalk up a missed workout to a "L" and take that rest day! 3.) WORK 24/7: If you haven't realized it by now, I haven't perfected the art of "balance". I'm either hot or cold, black or white. So when it comes to work, I go all in. Obviously, there are good and bad implications to being a workaholic. But at the end of the day, what's it all worth if your body takes a hit from the lack of sleep, rest and the extra stress. This year, I WILL find a balance. 4.) GET CAUGHT UP IN DRAMA: It seems like 2013 was laden with drama. Granted there will always be some form of drama in life, but you can choose to participate or not participate in it. This year I'm opting out. *insert Kayne shrug* 5.) PUT BUSINESS OVER FAMILY & FRIENDS: Ahhhh! Here goes that work/life balance thing again. As an entrepreneur, it's very difficult to strike that balance. This year, I'm giving my family and friends 100%! That means more phone calls, visits and most of all being there for them as much as I possibly can. It's these folks that really matter in life. 6.) BEAT MYSELF UP: It's easy to get down on yourself when things get rough, you don't stick to a training plan, gain a little weight, or life simply isn't going as planned. I'm cutting myself a break and doing more positive self-talk than beating myself up. After all, I'm my best cheerleader. 7.) WORRY ABOUT THINGS I CAN'T CONTROL: And last but not least, I won't worry about things that I can't control. They say worry and stress can kill you and I believe it. This year it's all about being selfish and doing what's best for me! If I can't control it, I won't worry about it. What are some things that you won't carry over in the new year!



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