The Runner's Guide to Traveling

iStock_000022931315SmallNow that the weather has warmed up and school is officially out for the summer, this means more traveling, and having to make more time to make sure you continue your fitness and physical activity in between vacations, family reunions, and other summer stuff. With that much time in and out of airports or on the road, you begin to learn a thing or two about traveling. The do’s, don’ts and what to expects. If you’re a runner traveling for business and pleasure, Black Girls RUN! can give you some awesome tips on how to pack efficiently and ideas on how to stay fit over the summer. Packing Its true, with a lot of traveling you basically start to live out of your suitcase. And, its not a bad thing. It makes it harder to forget things. If you are a runner, I am sure you can relate to easier packing because 90% of your travel wardrobe is running gear. Leggings have become my best friend. Leggings are cute, fashionable, comfortable, and you are able to get a workout in. Also to remember, running clothes and shoes ALWAYS go in the carryon. Just when you think you’ve hit a “I’ve never lost my bags” streak, it’ll happen. Always pack a few extra grocery bags for dirty clothes and running shoes and try to keep everything separated from the clean clothes. Even better, score one of those bags that have a bottom compartment separate from everything else! Talk about convenience. I’m not sure why, but my bags never seem fresh. I always throw in a few dryer sheets to make them smell so fresh and so clean. Going through security We all know for sure that going through security at the airport is never boring. I have even received a full-body pat down because of my uni-boob. Apparently there was too much, too compacted up there. The TSA agent advised me not to do the uniboob thing again. She obviously isn’t a runner. I always forget that bottle of water in my carry on. Be sure to check your bag twice. I hate being THAT unseasoned traveler. Instead I travel with a reusable water bottle. REI has one that I LOVE. I have also started packing a bag full of snacks for the plane ride. It prevents us from getting hungry (which is a full on WAR when it happens) and helps us stay away from our beloved Cheez-Its. Getting in a workout or run It helps to travel with an insane early riser that encourages you to get up in the morning and get it in. If you aren’t fortunate to have someone to help you get up, why not schedule an early morning workout class at a local fitness or yoga studio. The variety will make you excited to do something new and there’s usually tons of new things to try, especially in larger metropolitan areas. Also, hook up with your local BGR! crew! Duh! Eating healthy Find a grocery store or health food store in the area you will be vacationing or traveling to do some light grocery shopping. Buying produce and healthy snacks will keep you from eating out, grabbing fast food, or anything else unhealthy. Have at least ONE salad a day. Drink PLENTY of water. That whole air pressure thing can really dry you out. Limit the amount of alcohol. Be more disciplined about your diet that you typically would. My tummy HATES traveling so I try to stay on the straight and narrow as much as humanly possible. And last but not least… Staying healthy There’s an insane amount of germs you come in contact with when you travel. All those people, the circulating air on the plane, people coughing, the creepy guy on the plane…..UGH! Be sure you are taking your vitamins. Wash your hands, .all the time. Seems like a no brainer, but there’s a lot of people who don’t. Don’t be that person. Pack some hand sanitizer too! REST! At the end of the day, you can’t do anything if you don’t get enough sleep. Be sure to get your Zzzzz’s and have some time to relax. Even if that means padding your schedule a bit. And for gosh sakes, don’t log-on to the airplane Wi-Fi. I promise you, nothing new will have happened on your Facebook timeline. Power down and rest your mind! What are some of your rules to being an expert traveling athlete?



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