Find Your Stride

By: Demitria Lyles Making sure you're taking the right steps when you run is critical to your workout. Sometimes it may seem that your legs get tired easily and other times you may feel like you're about to trip up on your own feet. It happens! Well, take into consideration that your stride while you run may need a little tweaking. Remember watching the Summer Olympics this year and seeing those sprinters? The athletes kept their knees high when they ran to maintain maximum power in their legs. Leg power working with arm power and, of course will power all work together to obtain maximum speed and power for your run. So what about those long distance, everyday runners? For those who run everyday, it's best to keep your strides long. Now, let's not do standing splits while running! Keep in mind that the longer your stride, the less energy and work you're putting on your legs. Find a long stride that matches your running rhythm. You're encouraged to find your perfect stride depending on your speed and the amount of work you want to put on your legs. Find what fits you and remember that the shorter the stride, the more energy. Long strides are for your daily, long distance runs and you won't get burned out so easy. If you're up for a challenge, try shortening those strides for 30 seconds and pick up the pace during your run. Happy striding!    



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