Dressed to the Nines...at the Gym?

By: Shaila Strayhorn Ok ladies, maybe you can help answer a question for me. After a long day, nothing helps me relax more than going to the gym and sweating my troubles away. I exchange my dress shoes for tennis shoes, wrap my hair in a scarf, put on a t-shirt and sweat pants and I am out the door. Yet as I am jogging on the treadmill I look around and see many of my work out colleagues dressed to impress. Lip gloss shining, matching and sometimes very revealing work out apparel, and yes “hair did, nails did, everything did”. Now I am all for the idea of “when you look good you feel good”, but have the days of working out without trying to draw to much attention to one’s self become a thing of the past? Whatever happened to wanting to work out in order to take some time for you?  When I work out, I love being able to have some time to myself. For me the gym is a place of freedom where I do not have to worry about what I should wear or who I should dress for. Yet with each day I attend my local gym, the more I notice that more ladies feel a need to dress as a means to draw unnecessary attention to themselves. Is it because these ladies hope to attract a potential suitor through their attire? Or are they so impressed with the results their workouts that they feel the need to show these results with their fellow gym goers? I really do not know, but whatever the reason I only hope that the ladies who choose to wear flashy attire do so for their own self-satisfaction and not the satisfaction of others.  



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