The 4 Most Stylish Gym Bags & 10 Gym Bag Must-Haves

In my dream world, I strut into the gym with a Louis Vuitton gym bag and Porsche keys in my hand i.e. the Jessica Simpson picture. However, until that happens, I am on the prowl to find a functional gym bag that has a little more style than my old Jansport backpack. Now you may ask, what exactly will I be carrying in said bag. Good Question.

10 Gym Bag Must-Haves
1. Deodorant…And the rest of your toiletries including: Face wipes, hair ties, makeup, soap, etc.
2. Lotion – I know this is a toiletry item, but it deserves its own bullet point. It’s slightly embarrassing to walk into a fitness class and look in all of the full mirrors and see ashy legs staring back. I know from personal experience.
3. Protein Bar/Snack – Our bodies are a lot like cars, they need fuel to run on. So, it’s important to eat something that will fuel your workout. Protein bars, fruit, and complex carbohydrates are great options.
4. Water Bottle – Have you calculated how much water you lose during an intense workout? Stay Hydrated!
5. Hair supplies
6. Change of clothes
7. iPod - If you are using an iPod, then Nike Plus is a great way to track you runs.
8. Workout Journal
9. Towel
10. Extra socks – Socks and earrings are the two items I lose the most. So, I have a pair of extra socks stashed away in my gym bag

4 Most Stylish Gym Bags

1. Jet Running Duffle by Lululemon. Lululemon makes the cutest bags! What I love is that all of the bags are compartmentalized - Internal pockets for your BlackBerry, iPod, sunscreen, first aid, removable/washable shoe and wet and dirty clothes bag.

2. Anytime Gym Bag by Lululemon – This bag is for a girl on the go. Again, it’s compartmentalized and even holds a 15" laptop.

3. ADILIBRIA TEAM BAG BY ADIDAS - The Adilibria is stylish and doesn't look like your typical gym bag.

4. Shiny Pack Cloth Duffle Bag - It's not the most functional, but at $26 it is the least expensive of the bags. I love the different colors the bag comes in including: cinnamon, ice, smoke and royal blue.



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