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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. This weekend I decided to tackle a small kitchen renovation project. Equipped with a hammer and a screwdriver, I painstakingly pulled up 24 tiles on Friday and Saturday. I don't know if any of you all have tried this, but ripping up tiles feels like you are hammering on concrete. Yesterday, I pulled out the wet saw and cut the new tiles. So, tonight I will be laying mortar.

With all of the tile work, I did not get to have a "long" run this weekend. But, whenever I do work around the house or anything that makes me break a sweat, I write it off as a workout.

Coming up this week, we will answer more of your hair care quesitons and show you why running can be beneficial to your abs. We are also looking for someone to feature in our "Sole Stories" series. Email us (blackgirlsrun@yahoo.com) if you or someone you know has a great fitness or weight loss story. We would love to feature them on the blog.

Our first Sole Story, Taquiya Thompson recently updated us. Since we last spoke with her, she has dropped another dress size and is training for her first marathon!

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