Allow me to introduce myself

Name: Toni

Running code name: Turtle

Running Level: Beginner

Favorite post workout food: Pizza and Gatorade. Knowing I can eat pizza guilt-free motivates me to finish the last stretch of my run. Favorite pizza? Vegetable pizza at Tiff’s in Morristown, NJ. Gatorade has become my new favorite drink. In college I’d always see athletes drinking Gatorade, even when they weren’t working out. I remember asking myself “What’s the big deal?” Besides restoring my electrolytes, it’s so refreshing after a long run.

Why you like to run: I love the way I feel post-run. Although I feel like I need a full-body transplant, the sweat and adrenaline make me feel like I can conquer the world. I also think I look smashing in spandex.

Your inspiration: My Company sponsors the wheel chair division of the ING New York City Marathon, as well as hosts the family reunion area for disabled athletes. After witnessing the heart and determination of these athletes, I was inspired. I mentioned running a marathon to my boyfriend and he encouraged me to go for it. He’s been my biggest fan!

Most difficult run: I ran 11 miles one Saturday morning. The actual run wasn’t the bad part. It was running around my neighborhood in circles. I wasn’t completely familiar with the area so I ran the same path at least four times. I live near the center of town, which is pretty small, and I’m sure people were wondering who I was and why I kept running up and down the street repeatedly. I listened to “American Boy” by Estelle at least 20 times.



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