3 SWYS Race Day Tips

September 07, 2016


by Francine Labiran (Fit Life With Fran)

With the Sweat with Your Sole 5k/10k race approaching, you probably already know the importance of proper training in order to make sure both your body, and mind are in top shape. Here are a 3 tips to prepare for race day.

 Make It Personal

 The idea of using a mantra to get yourself motivated might seem cliché, but they can actually be extremely helpful.  Use your mantra as your personal motivator throughout the race. Think about a mantra before the race and make it something personal and powerful that will keep you going -  everything from, “I won’t stop!” to “one step at a time”.

 Get The Right Fuel

 About three days before you have to run, take a look at your diet. Three days before your race, load up on complex carbs, like whole wheat bread and whole grain pasta. This will give your body enough time to break them down and digest before the race. Two days before you run, switch to simple carbs but have less of them, and one day before the race, continue with those simple carbs. You’ll head into your run feeling energized, with enough fuel to carry you through the entire course.

 Dress To Be Cool

 A good rule of thumb for race wear is to pick something you’d wear as if it were 15-20 degrees warmer outside than it actually is. Your body temperature will make up the difference.  Atlanta can get pretty hot and the last thing you want to do during a race is overheat.

Follow these 3 tips and you’ll be able to run better than you may have ever expected! See you ladies at the race!!


by Kim Cabness - Suwanee, GA,   

So wound up about the BGR Sweat With Your Sole conference, I’ve decided to make sure I not only have a fantastic time, but a successful and beneficial weekend; something that’s all about me.  I’m determined to plan and get organized for it, so nothing is missed.  

Ideally, I know I don’t have to prepare for the conference.  I’m registered and energized, that’s really enough.  I just need to pull out my favorite outfits, clear my memory on my phone, so that I can take lots of pictures and get ready to have a jam-packed weekend.  Yet, I’m thinking that I may just have a little more fun if I take a few measures before September.   I wonder if I’d feel a little more confident in attending the seminars and running the 10K, if I were prepared physically and mentally.

I’m thinking that I may use this next few weeks to not only begin to decide which sessions I will attend, but start making a few changes in my eating habits.   This healthy lifestyle is no longer going to be a goal I’m trying to reach; it’s just a way of life I intend to live.  I will start a modified plant based diet for me.  I’m getting rid of the meat and cutting down on the dairy and eggs.   I’m thinking that if I cut out the high saturated fats and replace it with some detoxifying fruits and veggies; I may start doing my body some good.  I can build healthier bones and increase my blood protein levels just by eating more vegetables.  I can almost visualize my arteries filled with vegetables are probably healthier than if I were to just decrease carbohydrates.  Statistics say that vegans often experience lower body weight without losing muscle mass.  If this is the case, why exactly do I need a beef burger?

As of today, I’m packing in the nutrients, minerals, vitamins and fiber from plant based foods.  I’m going to allow them to do some BODY WORK for me.  They can reduce some risk of cancer and other diseases.  They can assist with protecting me from bone and brain diseases.  They can decrease my chances of obesity.

This plant based diet can get some work done for me, while I start selecting my sessions to attend during the conference.    

Can't wait to see you there.


Meet Shermell Williams!

Age 37 from South Atlanta

Senior Event Manager for Marriott International

I love Running and Traveling!

Health and fitness is a lifestyle - just dieting will not work. You have to first make the decision that you want to change your lifestyle

I look forward to meeting ladies and talking about their fitness journey. Looking forward to the great classes that will be offered as well. 

See everyone at the Sweat With Your Sole Festival Weekend next month!


Meet Kim Cabness!

51 yrs old

Suwanee, Georgia

Project Manager

World Traveler (without Plans/Agenda), Golfer, Political Nerd, Baker, Runner, Mom

I never want to miss out on an opportunity to live a long vigorous life.  If I can make some small difference in my health, I’m doing it.  I enjoy LIVING and can never seem to wait to see what tomorrow is going to bring.  Hanging out with my grandchildren one day, is on my list of ‘things to do’, so I’m preparing by living a healthy life style. 

I’m super excited about the Black Girls RUN! Sweat With Your Sole conference.  The speaker list and classes are dynamic.  We’ll be introduced to not only new ideas and methods to stay and get in shape, but spend the weekend with like-minded women from all over the country.  

Make sure you look for me in Atlanta September 18 – 20th at the conference.     


by Francine Labiran  of Fit Life with Fran

With less than 2 months until the Sweat With Your Sole, now is the best time to get prepared for the 5k/10k run. Here are my top three race prep tips that will help start you off on the right track.

Start Slow, And Steady

One mistake that’s easy to make is starting out too hard, too fast. It’s easy to get ahead of yourself, especially when you see experienced runners around you who can make it look so easy. Instead of charging out of the gate quickly, take your time to build up a steady speed, and find a pace that’s comfortable for you. From there, you can slowly build up your pace and distance.

Fuel Up The Right WayDuring the next few weeks, you’ll be running a lot more, burning more calories, and your muscles will need more fuel. So, it’s important to hydrate and give your body the nutrition it needs to stay healthy. About an hour before your run, try to have something with a healthy blend of carbs, protein, and fats. A piece of whole grain bread with a tablespoon of almond is a perfect pre-run snack that will keep your body fueled and energized. And don’t forget to replenish those muscles after your run. One of my go-to meals for refueling after a run is my Super Green Smoothie Bowl.

 The Right Shoe Is Key

When you’re excited about starting to run or getting back into running, it can be easy to go out and buy all the gear you think you’ll need, including shoes. We’ve all been there before! Unfortunately, many runners initially purchase the wrong shoes, and as a result, they experience foot, hip, or back pain and discomfort that could turn them off from running altogether. Instead of playing a guessing game, or just getting shoes that look good, your best bet is to head to your local sporting goods store and get some help finding the perfect shoe.

 With these helpful three tips in mind, get out there, hit the pavement, and get ready to “sweat with your sole”! Happy running, ladies


Hello! My name is Uneeda Arnold and I am 46 years old, living in Atlanta, Ga. I am a former IT Project Manager with AT&T, currently doing residential rehab for a new company I just started and I do background extra work in the movies.  I am a mom to a high school senior and we love playing games (both board games and video).  In my down time I draw as well.

Health and fitness play a huge roll in my life. I started running almost two years ago and it is my new love.  My running goal is a half marathon in all 50 states, with my home state of IL being my last state and one and done for a full marathon. I started running to raise money for a homelessness prevention 5k and didn't stop. Running has totally changed my couch potato lifestyle. In addition to running, I now do yoga, kettlebell, zumba. and pilates.

I am looking forward to the 2016 Sweat With Your Sole Conference & Race Weekend! I am most excited to meet BGR! ladies from all over the Nation and sharing a weekend of fitness and fun! Make sure you register for this awesome upcoming conference!



Hi! My name is Francine Labiran, I’m 31 and live in Atlanta. I’m a Senior Project Manager at AT&T and the voice behind the healthy living blog, Fit Life with Fran, where my vision is to educate, inspire and empower women-on-the-go to focus on healthy, strong, and confident living. In my spare time, I’m a Girls on the Run coach, where I mentor an amazing group of young middle school girls, and a modern dancer and alumna at Moving in the Spirit, a non-profit youth dance organization.

 Although I briefly ran track and field in high school, it wasn't until I completed my first 5k race 3 years ago that I truly developed my love for running. Since then I’ve run over 20 5k races, a handful of 10k’s, a half marathon, and connected with many inspiring women along the way. Running has taught me that no dream is too big if you have the courage to chase it. Running has also inspired my blog, Fit Life with Fran, which provides healthy living tips, recipes, workouts and challenges that help women-on-the-go improve their health and happiness. I truly believe healthy living is not about perfection but about body positivity, self-love, and finding your balance between healthy and happy!

I am beyond excited to represent Black Girls Run! as a Sweat With Your Sole 2016 ambassador! I’m looking forward having the opportunity to connect with all of the amazing women of the BGR! community, share my love for running, exercise, and healthy foods and chatting with Jeanette Jenkins! I'm also ready to “sweat my sole” during the 5k/10k with the BGR! Community! See everyone in September! 

My name is Tina Marie Davis. I'm 49 years old, divorced with a 19yr daughter Morgan Christina. I presently I live in Lithonia, GA just outside of Atlanta. I'm originally from Asheville, NC. I manage the business office for a Pulmonary and Sleep medical practice for over 15 years. 
A little bit about me! My personal interest is of course running! From 5Ks, 10Ks, 15K, half marathons, and one full marathon in February2016. Running is my first love, volunteering at Peace Baptist Church  (usher and sunshine ministry ), I also help feed the homeless with HOSA William foundation. I volunteer every year with Dekalb Medical Center and the Breast Cancer 3-Day, Atlanta track club volunteer, reading, and traveling. 
The importance of health and fitness in my life has truly saved my life! Before I started running with BGR!, I was in a low point in my life. I was in a horrible flare up from chronic Crohn's disease. My doctor had tried every Crohn's medication on the market.  I was in and out of the hospital on a regular basis. After I was introduced to BGR, it literally changed my life. I started meeting people that shared healthy food tips, exercising tips, I met a yoga instructor (from BGR!) that helped me to breathe and relax, which in return help me to be a stronger woman and to have a healthier body and mind. I decided four years ago to give up can foods and only eat fresh or frozen. I started to exercise at least 3-days a week....with the hopes of being able to run 1mile without stopping...which i did. My inner body health is has given me the strength and courage to do what I do everyday. I had fooled myself into believing that I was fit and healthy because I looked the part. Eating right and just a little exercising can take you a long way. I'm no longer wearing long socks to hide the dark lesions on my legs from Crohn's! Becoming health and fit has help me to over come the shame and embarrassment of Crowns disease. My life now, is about staying healthy and fit!
I'm looking forward to meeting new people and welcoming them into our city next month for the 2016 Sweat With Your Sole Conference & Race! I can't wait to share my personal experience about BGR! with other women.  I look forward to the awesome workshops and fellowship.  The networking between my fellow sole sisters is always exciting as. My two sisters will even be joining me! 
See you in September! #roadtoswys

It's true! A good night's sleep leaves us feeling ready to conquer the world!

Well, the good folks at MyBestBox believe happiness is the highest form of health and a healthy life full of happiness begins with a great night's sleep.

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Did you know that, in the United States, 40% get less than the recommended amount of sleep per night. Me included! 

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I absolutely fell in loveeee with the Truce Lavender & Citrus Room & Pillow Spray and GreenAir Scent Pod Oil Diffuser!

This box made me a true fan of mybestbox. Check out their mybestyoga, mybestskin and soon to come mybestrun! Definitely worth a try or become a subscriber to receive monthly boxes! #mybestbox

***For Black Girls RUN! members, us "BLACKGIRLSRUN" for $5 off any purchase on their website. ***

By: Candace Doby

High school besties: (l to r) Eneida Plaza, Candace Doby, Ericka Wright

Just before clicking ‘Submit’ on the Disney Princess Half Marathon registration page, butterflies navigated to my gut and swarmed erratically. A flashback to my first half marathon must have invited them. About a year ago, I confidently glided then struggled then stumbled my way through the Diva Half Marathon in Peachtree City, Georgia. The massive wall I hit at mile seven resulted in cramps, shortness of breath and some awkwardness. The most painful outcome, though, was my bruised ego from having to run/walk the rest of the race. After floundering across the finish line (but trying my hardest to keep it together so spectators wouldn’t pity me), I vowed to never run another half marathon. I meant it.  Seriously.

But in true Universe fashion, it felt compelled to challenge my resolve—to see if I really meant business. Enter Eneida, a best friend from high school.

She proposed to another high school bestie, Ericka, and me that we run the Disney Half Marathon together and make a mini reunion out of it. My visceral reaction was the fiercest side-eye I could throw. I didn’t immediately respond to her text, but Ericka did. Emphatically. She was in.

My interior disregard morphed into psychological pressure, fear and discomfort. I was afraid of experiencing the physical pain and personal defeat I felt the first time around. I was also anxious about disappointing my friends.  “But Candace, what do you plan to do with the fear?” The curiosity came from my inner voice that pretends to be a psychologist.

There are only ever three potential responses to that question.

  1. Run away from fear (cowardice)
  2. Face fear (courage)
  3. Hastily disregard fear (rashness)

Concluding that the potential negative outcomes of the race were greater than my internal resources to deal with them would have led me to door number one. Taking action without properly judging fear, risk and confidence would have led me to door number three.

Squaring up, accepting fear as part of the process, evaluating the worthwhileness of running the race (making memories with my girls), envisioning what was possible, and pushing past uncertainty led me to door number two. I made a deal with myself. A commitment to better training, goal setting and eating helped me choose courage.  I was in.

The butterflies had calmed down a bit. I glanced back over my registration form a final time to ensure my information was correct. I took a deep breath.


Let the training begin.

About Candace
I delight in discovering how to appropriately conjure courage and apply it to life’s dilemmas.  My goal is to inspire others to act courageously. You can hear more from me on my website,, Facebook and Instagram.

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